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TPP student research spans many domains, but shares methodologies and goals. Examples of award-winning theses and noteworthy research projects are shared here. We also maintain a public database of all TPP thesis titles, with links to web publications where available.

Award-Winning Theses and Student Research Stories

A Clean Energy Future for India: Arun Singh

Awarded best TPP thesis of 2017, Arun Singh’s research analyzed climate policy options for India by building and applying a model of the Indian economy with detailed representation of the electricity sector. His thesis advisor was Prof. Valerie Karplus.

Health Savings of Renewable Energy: Emil Dimanchev

Research from TPP alum Emil Dimanchev, who won TPP’s best thesis award in 2019, found that health savings from cleaner air would more than pay for the cost of implementing renewable energy policies. His thesis was advised by TPP director Noelle Selin.

Do native ads shape our perception of the news?: Manon Revel

Often masquerading as legitimate news, so-called “native” ads, pushed by content recommendation networks, have brought badly needed revenue to the struggling U.S. news industry. But at what cost? TPP alum Manon Revel is now a PhD student in the IDSS Social and Engineering Systems PhD program. Her TPP thesis advisor was Prof. Ali Jadbabaie.

Thesis Database

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  • Sarah Bashadi; “Using Auxiliary Gas Power for CCS Energy Needs in Retrofitted Coal Power Plants;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Amine Berrada Sounni; “Low Cost Manufacturing of Light Trapping Features on Multi-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells: Jet Etching Method and Cost Analysis;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Irene Berry; “The Effects of Driving Style and Vehicle Performance on the Real-World Fuel Consumption of U.S. Light- Duty Vehicles;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Emmanuel Blain; “Sports over IP: Dynamics and Perspectives;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Candace Brakewood; “Contactless Prepaid and Bankcards in Transit Fare Collection Systems;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Boma Brown-West; “A Strategic Analysis of the Role of Uncertainty in Electronic Waste Recovery System Economics: An Investigation of the IT and Appliance Industries;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Diana Chiyangwa; “Strategic Investment in Power Generation under Uncertainty - Electric Reliability Council of Texas;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Matthieu Couturier; “A Case Study of Vioxx Using STAMP;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Jimenez Fernando De Sisternes; “Plug-In Electric Vehicle Introduction in the EU;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Pearl Donohoo; “Scaling Air Quality Effects from Alternative Jet Fuel in Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Eleanor Ereira; “Assessing Early Investments In Low Carbon Technologies under Uncertainty: The Case of Carbon Capture and Storage;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Yoshifuru Funahashi; “Comparative Analysis of Aviation Safety Information Feedback Systems;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Muriel Gonzalez; “The Effects of Intellectual Property on Innovation: Implications for R&D in Biotechnology;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Abraham Grindle; “A Technical, Financial, and Policy Analysis of the RAMSES RFID Inventory Management System for NASAs International Space Station: Prospects for SBIR/STTR Technology Infusion;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Michael Hamilton; “An Analytical Framework for Long Term Policy for Commercial Deployment and Innovation in Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology in the United States;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Bradley Holschuh; “Space Exploration Challenges: Characterization and Enhancement of Space Suit Mobility and Planetary Protection Policy Analysis;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Rahul Kar; “Dynamics of Implementation of Mitigating Measures to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Commercial Aviation;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Ji Eun Kim; “Carbon Offsets as a Cost Containment Instrument: A Case Study of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Oghenerume Kragha; “Implications of Natural Gas Vehicle Technologies on Household Transportation in the U.S.;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Ruth Krestin; “More Money, More Science? How the Malaria Research Community Responds to Funding Opportunities;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Shannon Liburd; “Solar-Driven Humidification Dehumidification Desalination for Potable Use in Haiti;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Johnathan Lindsey; “Characterizing Opportunities for Short Reach Optical Interconnect Adoption: A Market Survey and Total Cost of Ownership Model Approach;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Kevin Liu; “Cost Estimation of Human Systems Integration;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Isaac Matthews; “Global Terrestrial Uranium and Its Policy Implications: A Probabilistic Projection of Future Uranium Costs;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Thomas Morisset; “Comparing Capacities and Delays at Major European and American Airports;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Paul Murphy; “The Role of Natural Gas as a Vehicle Transportation Fuel;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Sherrica Newsome; “A Case Study in Science and Technology Diplomacy: Understanding Diplomats' Technical Competency and Interaction with Technical Experts;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Michael Pasqual; “Multilayer Network Modeling of Change Propagation for Engineering Change Management;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Sebastian Pfotenhauer; “Integrative University Collaborations as an Innovation Strategy for Catching-Up Countries: A Case Study of the MIT-Portugal Program;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • David Ramberg; “The Relationship between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Spot Prices and Its Stability over Time;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Manya Ranjan; “Feasibility of Air Capture;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Adrian Rodriguez; “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Responsibility or Innovation? An Analysis of the Feedback between CSR Activities and the Expectations Placed upon Corporations;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Santolina Savannet; “Evolution of the Mobile Phone Supply Chain: The Case of Ecuador;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Gary Shu; “Economics and Policies for Carbon Capture and Sequestration in the Western United States: A Marginal Cost Analysis of Potential Power Plant Deployment;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Anthony Smith-Grieco; “The Internet as Recommendation Engine: Implications of Online Behavioral Targeting;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Addison Stark; “Multi-Criteria Lifecycle Evaluation of Transportation Fuels Derived from Biomass Gasification;” SM, 2010 (2/1/2010)
  • Avidon Wolfson; “Technological Innovation, Venture Formation, and Resource Allocation: The Impact of Economic Downturn on Life Sciences Venture Capital and Start-Ups;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)
  • Na Zhang; “Apply Option-thinking in Long Term Infrastructure Investment: The Case of Commercial Real Estate;” SM, 2010 (6/1/2010)

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