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Research to Policy Engagement Initiative

The Research to Policy Engagement Initiative aims to bridge knowledge to action on major societal challenges and connect policymakers, stakeholders, and researchers from diverse disciplines.

The initiative has two complementary goals:

  • to help bring scientific and technical knowledge to bear to inform solutions to complex policy problems, bridging the design and conduct of research at MIT with communities of practice
  • to create an intellectual community of researchers who can learn, apply, and contribute to developing best practices in bridging knowledge to action on societal challenges, across experiences in different research domains

The initiative supports the work of students and postdocs working at the intersection of technology and policy through fellowships and research assistantships. You can support this initiative by giving to TPP.

For more info on the initiative, contact Noelle Selin.

Initiative Participants


Noelle Selin
Associate Professor, IDSS and EAPS
Director, TPP

Jessika Trancik
Atlantic Richfield CD Assoc Prof of Energy Studies, IDSS

Danielle Wood (TPP ’08)
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences & AeroAstro

Students and Postdocs

Magdalena Klemun
Postdoctoral Associate, IDSS

Poushali Maji
Postdoctoral Associate, IDSS

Katlyn Turner
Research Scientist, Media Lab

Micah Ziegler
Postdoctoral Associate, IDSS

Jenny Blessing
TPP Student

Becca Browder
TPP Student

Brandon Leshchinskiy
TPP Student

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