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  • Karan Bhuwalka; “Assessing the Socio-Economic Risks in Electric Vehicle Supply Chains” (2021). Advisor(s): Randolph Kirchain.
  • Jenny Blessing; “Towards Empirical Evaluation of Software Security Risk” (2021). Advisor(s): Daniel J Weitzner.
  • Adrianna Boghozian; “Exploring Low-Cost Sensor Placement Strategies within an Urban Environment” (2021). Advisor(s): David Hsu.
  • Abhishek Bose; “Role of Hydrogen in Multi-Sector Decarbonization” (2021). Advisor(s): Dharik S Mallapragada.
  • Becca Browder; “From the Earth to the Moon: Economic Viability of Commercial Spaceports and Science and Technology Planning for MIT Lunar Exploration” (2021). Advisor(s): Dava J Newman.
  • Carson Wesley Simkins Bullock; “Aviation Effects on Local Business: Mapping Community Impact and Policy Strategies for Noise Remediation” (2021). Advisor(s): R John Hansman.
  • Chung Hon Michael Cheng; “A Tale of Two Sovereignties” (2021). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Yash Dixit; “Estimating Life-Cycle carbon Emissions of the Global Oil Supply Chain Using Optimization in a Network Model” (2021). Advisor(s): Steven Barrett.
  • Tristan Alexander Lee Downing; “Modeling Supply Chains and Markets to Support Humanitarian Response Analysis” (2021). Advisor(s): Jarrod Goentzel.
  • Rene A. Garcia Franceschini; “Use of Civil Air Patrol Imagery for Disaster Response: a Technical and Policy Analysis” (2021). Advisor(s): Saurabh Amin.
  • Russell Thomas Glynn; “The Scalar Politics of Mobility in Detroit” (2021). Advisor(s): Jason B Jackson.
  • Drake Daniel Hernandez; “An Evaluation of Regulatory Frameworks for the Development of Interstate Hydrogen Infrastructure in the United States” (2021). Advisor(s): Emre Gencer.
  • Gregoire Jacquot; “Guiding Principles for Universal Energy Access: Integrated Distribution Frameworks and Their Implementation” (2021). Advisor(s): Jose Ignacio Perez- Arriaga.
  • Teuku Mahfuzh Aufar Kari; “Causal Impact of Information Crowd-Sourcing Platform on Farmer Welfare” (2021). Advisor(s): Joann F De Zegher.
  • Brandon Leshchinskiy; “Addressing Climate Change through Artificial Intelligence and Education” (2021). Advisor(s): Dava J Newman.
  • Liang Li; “Investigating the Role of Microglia in the Development of Myelin and Policy Implications of Gene Editing” (2021). Advisor(s): Guoping Feng.
  • Patrick Stephen Meredith-Karam; “Exogenous Drivers of Public Transit and Ride-Hailing Ridership: a Study of Policy Intervention, COVID-19, and the Relationship between Ride-Hailing and Public Transit in Chicago.” (2021). Advisor(s): Jinhua Zhao.
  • Sade Kailani Nabahe; “Training the Next Generation of Clean Energy Workers: Designing Local Career Pathways for a Decarbonized New Mexico Economy” (2021). Advisor(s): Michael J Kearney.
  • Nina Catherine Peluso; “Long-Term Electric Utility Resource Planning: An Adaptive Structure for a Transforming Landscape” (2021). Advisor(s): Michael J Kearney.
  • Ryan William Ramseyer; “Automated Rehosting and Instrumentation of Embedded Firmware” (2021). Advisor(s): Jeff Perkins.
  • Thomas G. Roberts; “Geosynchronous Satellite Maneuver Classification and Orbital Pattern Anomaly Detection via Supervised Machine Learning” (2021). Advisor(s): Richard Linares.
  • Joseph Carson Schlessinger; “Quantifying Agenda Setting Effects on Twitter and Digital Media” (2021). Advisor(s): Edward K Kao.
  • Aaron Matthew Schwartz; “The Role of Natural Gas in Future Low-Carbon Energy Systems” (2021). Advisor(s): Dharik S Mallapragada.
  • Maryam Shahid; “Identity and Trust Frameworks: Design and Analysis of Identity Transactions Online” (2021). Advisor(s): David Clark.
  • Kevin Xu Shen; “Uneven Mobility: Injustice in Accessibility and Urban Experimentation” (2021). Advisor(s): Elisabeth B Reynolds.
  • Erin Elizabeth Smith; “The Cost of CO2 Transport and Storage in Global Integrated Assessment Modeling” (2021). Advisor(s): Sergey Paltsev.
  • Cathy Xun Wang; “Ensuring Reliability in a Highly Decarbonized Power System: A Case for Next-Generation Modeling Tools” (2021). Advisor(s): Paul L Joskow.
  • Sophia Wei Wu; “Understanding the Effect of Intermittent Water Supply on Drinking Water Quality” (2021). Advisor(s): .
  • Lihui Zhang; “Crowd Equals Diversity? A Diversity Analysis on Participation of Agency-sponsored Open Innovation Challenges” (2021). Advisor(s): Olivier de Weck and Zoe Szajnfarber.
  • Nicolas Xuan-Yi Zhang; “Encryption to Implement Mechanism Design Solutions” (2021). Advisor(s): Taylor W Reynolds.

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