MIT Technology and Policy Program

The Master’s Program in Technology and Policy (TPP) educates leaders to inform effective policies for important technological issues confronting society.

The curriculum of the Program provides analytical skills and promotes the capacity to understand conflicting values, develop constituencies, and negotiate solutions. Tuition and stipends for accepted students are generally supported by research assistantships.

Those who wish to apply should be interested in combining mastery of a specific technological domain (energy, environment, computation, transportation, aerospace, etc.) with deep understanding of social science (economics, political science, management, law, etc.).

TPP promotes team-centered learning among a culturally and internationally diverse group of students. The program prepares graduates for professional careers in engineering and policy as well as for PhD work, including the IDSS PhD in Social and Engineering Systems.

In addition to the Master’s program, TPP oversees the MIT Certificate Program in Science, Technology and Policy (STP), which offers current MIT PhD students a rigorous introduction to the social and policy contexts in which their research is embedded.

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