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  • Gabriel Thomas Bann; “Rethinking Federal Disaster Aid Policy in the Context of Social Vulnerability” (2020). Advisor(s): Jarrod Goentzel.
  • Charles William Chimento; “Innovation in the US Air Force” (2020). Advisor(s): Fiona Murray.
  • Anna Christine Evans; “A Framework for Assessing the Value of Flexibility in Electricity Network Investments” (2020). Advisor(s): John E Parsons.
  • Tomas Wesley Green; “Distributed Household Effects of Climate Policy in the United States” (2020). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Nolan Robert Hedglin; “Opportunities for U.S.-China Scientific Collaboration in Building a Bilateral Quantum Network” (2020). Advisor(s): Marc Baldo.
  • Andres Inzunza Besio; “Distributional Effects of Net Metering Policies and Residential Solar Plus Behind-the-meter Storage Adoption” (2020). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Miles T. Lifson; “A Study of Emerging Space Nation and Commercial Satellite Operator Stakeholder Preferences for Space Traffic Management” (2020). Advisor(s): Richard Linares.
  • Pedro Manuel Maddens Toscano; “Impacts of Airports on the Quality of Life of Surrounding Communities” (2020). Advisor(s): R John Hansman.
  • Julia Milton; “Technical and Policy Considerations of Sensor-Based Decision Aids” (2020). Advisor(s): Leia A Stirling.
  • Andrew Maxwell Mowry; “Integration Challenges for Fast-Charging Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicle Adoption” (2020). Advisor(s): Dharik S Mallapragada.
  • Dylan Toshinari Muramoto; “Tailorability-Focused Recommendations for United States Air Force Software Acquisition Policy” (2020). Advisor(s): Nancy G Leveson.
  • Benny Siu Hon Ng; “A Machine Learning Approach to Evaluating Renewable Energy Technology: An Alternative LACE Study on SolarPhoto-Voltaic (PV).” (2020). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Uyiosa Mark Oriakhi; “A Stochastic Life Cycle and Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Assessment of Renewable Drop-in Fuels” (2020). Advisor(s): Steven Barrett.
  • Bora Ozaltun; “Learning from Supply Shocks in the Energy Market: Evidence from Local and Global Effects of the Shale Revolution” (2020). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Sohum Pawar; “Resilient Decarbonization for the United States: Lessons for Electric Systems from a Decade of Extreme Weather” (2020). Advisor(s): Michael J Kearney.
  • Daniel Wade Provaznik; “Mitigating Foreign Social Media Influence Campaigns in US Elections” (2020). Advisor(s): Joel Brenner.
  • Saeyoung Rho; “Estimating Lowers Bounds for Time Series Prediction Error” (2020). Advisor(s): Devavrat Shah.
  • Nicolas Sangwon Rothbacher; “AI Can’t Fix This: Predictive Policing “Fairness” in Context” (2020). Advisor(s): Daniel J Weitzner.
  • Frank Michael Ryan; “Reskilling White-Collar Workers: What’s In It for Firms?” (2020). Advisor(s): Elisabeth B Reynolds.
  • Jean-Baptiste Seby; “Networked Interactions, Graphical Models and Econometrics Perspectives in Data Analysis” (2020). Advisor(s): .
  • Pankhuri Sen; “A Smart Diaper Wetness Detection Sensor: Concept, Design and Ethical Considerations” (2020). Advisor(s): Bryan R Moser.
  • Hannah Kathleen Whisnant; “Split Learning on FPGAs” (2020). Advisor(s): Richard D Younger.

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