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TPP addresses societal challenges through research and education at the intersection of technology and policy. Our goal is to mobilize science and engineering to inform intelligent, responsible strategies and policies to benefit communities from local to global.

MIT News Office | November 30, 2021

Energy hackers give a glimpse of a postpandemic future

Current TPP students Kailin Graham and Youssef Shaker among organizers of the 2021 MIT EnergyHack.
MIT News Office | November 4, 2021

MIT collaborates with Biogen on three-year, $7 million initiative to address climate, health, and equity

TPP Director Noelle Eckley Selin is one of the principals in a new collaboration with Biogen to accelerate the science and action on climate change to improve human health.
Wired | November 3, 2021

Satellites Can Spy a Menace in West Africa: Invasive Flowers

Sometimes flowers can be the villain. Water hyacinths, with their seemingly harmless violet petals and lush green leaves, have invaded tropical parts of Central Africa, including Benin. TPP alum Danielle Wood uses space technology as part of the solution.
Fri 10

Discussion Panel: The Process of Engagement at COP-26

December 10 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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