MIT Technology and Policy Program

TPP addresses societal challenges through research and education at the intersection of technology and policy. Our goal is to mobilize science and engineering to inform intelligent, responsible strategies and policies to benefit communities from local to global.

March 9, 2023

Deploying AI models at scale

Vivienne Zhang’s research on data quality when predicting wind power output, plus an internship in machine learning operations, leads her to join Nvidia’s Deep Learning team.
March 7, 2023

Investigating prison responses to Covid-19

Research by first-year undergraduate Maanas Sharma ’26 on Covid in prisons began at the MIT Policy Hackathon, which he first attended as a junior in high school.
March 5, 2023

Human behavior and digital privacy

Recent TPP graduate Kevin Paeth SM ’23, who researches human computer interaction, says his internship in AI policy reinforced a core TPP lesson: “the overwhelming importance of successful communication between technical and non-technical audiences.”

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