MIT Technology and Policy Program
  • Alanoud Alhakbani; “Battery Blueprint: Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Foray into the Battery Chain” (2024). Advisor(s): Elsa Olivetti.
  • Layla Araiinejad; ” Techno-economic Analysis of Deuterium-Tritium Magnetic Confinement Fusion Power Plants ” (2024). Advisor(s): Koroush Shirvan.
  • Les Armstrong; “Modeling the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and Hydrogen Salt Caverns in the Mid-Atlantic United States” (2024). Advisor(s): Ruaridh Macdonald; Dharik Mallapragada; Marija Ilić.
  • Lauren Blanks; “An Investigation into Practical Aluminum Scrap for Emergency Power Disaster Response Situations” (2024). Advisor(s): Fikile R. Brushett; Eric R. Morgan.
  • Christian Cmehil-Warn; “Securing the Future: Critical Materials Policies for the US Transition” (2024). Advisor(s): Jason Jackson; Manish Raghavan.
  • Adrien Concordel; “Securing the Future: Critical Materials Policies for the US Energy Transition” (2024). Advisor(s): Christopher R. Knittel.
  • Taylor Lynn Curtis; “Documentation as a Tool for Algorithmic Accountability” (2024). (s): Dylan Hadfield-Menell.
  • Luc Gendre; “Uniting Expertise in International Development: Rethinking Decision-Technologies for Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement” (2024). Advisor(s): Matthias Winkenbach; Jarrod Goentzel.
  • Michael Giovanniello; “Modeling and Implementation of the U.S. Hydrogen Production Credit” (2024). Advisor(s): Dharik Mallapragada; Ruaridh Macdonald.
  • Kailin Graham; “Doing the Dirty Work: Employment vulnerability to the energy transition implications for climate policy and politics” (2024). Advisor(s): Christopher R. Knittel.
  • Dansil Green; “In-Space Assembly of a Remote Sensing CubeSat for Rapid Disaster Response” (2024). Advisor(s): Kerri Cahoy.
  • Lan Ha; “Empowering Energy Conservation: Low-Cost Interventions for Commercial Residential Settings” (2024). Advisor(s): Christopher R. Knittel; Manish Raghavan.
  • Peter Heller; “Assessing United States Energy Poverty Policy: Regulatory Design Alternatives and Resource Allocation” (2024). Advisor(s): Christopher R. Knittel.
  • Courtney Kirkpatrick; “A Technical and Policy Needs Analysis for Space Traffic Management Low Lunar Orbit” (2024). Advisor(s): Daniel E. Hastings.
  • Benjamin Lewis; “Towards Health Centered Drug Policy: An Analysis of Past and Developing Drug Policy” (2024). Advisor(s): David Rand.
  • Rameen Malik; “Stakeholder views on the uptake of sustainable and responsible nickel and processing supply chains for electric vehicles in Indonesia ” (2024). Advisor(s): Robert Stoner.
  • Christopher Maynard; “Meat Me for Supper? Envisioning the Future of Protein Food Advisor(s): Kenneth M. Strzepek.
  • Mrigi Munjal; “Strengthening Value Chains for Developing and Deploying Batteries South” (2024). Advisor(s): Elsa Olivetti.
  • Johnattan Ontiveros; “Contractor Learning and Home Energy Efficiency in Heat Pump Installations” (2024). Advisor(s): Siqi Zheng.
  • Deepika Raman; “Empowering Community Driven Determination of Values for Language Models” (2024). Advisor(s): Dylan Hadfield-Menell.
  • Edgar Ramirez Sanchez; “NeuralMOVES: Extracting and Learning Surrogates for Vehicle Emission Model” (2024). Advisor(s): Cathy Wu; Priya L. Donti.
  • Abigail Randall; “The Policy, People, and Place Impacts of Mining for the Clean Energy Transition in the US” (2024). Advisor(s): Elsa Olivetti.
  • Youssef Shaker; “Multi-vector Energy Systems Analysis for Heavy-duty Transportation Decarbonization Using H2 and Synthetic Fuels” (2024). Advisor(s): Dharik Mallapragada; Vladimir Bulović.
  • Prajna Soni; “Addressing Misalignment in Language Model Deployments through Context-Specific Evaluations” (2024). Advisor(s): Dylan Hadfield-Menell.
  • Graham Turk; “Designing Electricity Distribution Network Tariffs for Beneficial Electrification” (2024). Advisor(s): Pablo Duenas-Martinez; Paul L. Joskow.
  • Varsha Vaidyanath; “Benchmarking Pavement Environmental Performance Using Modeling and Policy” (2024). Advisor(s): Randolph Kirchain.
  • Christopher Womack; “Development and Stakeholder-informed Evaluation of Global Climate Temperature Response Functions” (2024). Advisor(s): Noelle Eckley Selin; Sebastian Eastham.

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