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  • Ilham Ali; “Sustainable for All? How Satellite Remote Sensing Contributes to Sustainable Development in Africa and International Climate Policy” (2022). Advisor(s): Sarah E Williams.
  • Lama Sara Aoudi; “An Open-Source Computational Framework for the Scalable A Electrification Planning” (2022). Advisor(s): Jose Ignacio Perez- Arriaga.
  • William Atkinson; “Quantifying a Range of Global Air Pollution Projections and Health Impacts under the Paris Agreement’s Temperature Targets” (2022). Advisor(s): Noelle Selin.
  • Abhishek Bose; “Role of Hydrogen in Industrial Decarbonization: A Case for Ammonia Industry in the United States” (2022). Advisor(s): Dharik S Mallapragada.
  • Helena Rose Caswell; “Win-Win-Win? Evaluating the Climate, Health, and Equity Retrofitting Low Income Housing in the US” (2022). Advisor(s): John Sterman.
  • Axelle Clochard; “Using Network Analysis of Job Transitions to Inform Career Advice” (2022). Advisor(s): George F Westerman.
  • Jared M Cochrane; “Simulating an Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning in Edge Computing” (2022). Advisor(s): Ryan M Hamerly.
  • Pedro de Vasconcellos Oporto; “Pathways for Investor Climate Action: Trade-offs Synergies under the Banner of Net Zero” (2022). Advisor(s): Jason Jay.
  • Tristan Alexander Lee Downing; “Modeling Supply Chains and Markets to Support Humanitarian Response Analysis” (2022). Advisor(s): Jarrod Goentzel.
  • Farri T. Gaba; “Solutions to the Generalized UAV Delivery Routing Problem for Last-Mile Delivery with Societal Constraints” (2022). Advisor(s): Matthias Winkenbach.
  • Nicolas Guetta-Jeanrenaud; “Social Media Data for Policy Decision Making” (2022). Advisor(s): Siqi Zheng.
  • Jisoo Hong; “A Thesis, Allegedly” (2022). Advisor(s): Graham Jones.
  • Jessica Ingabire; “What Makes Your Business a Winner: Empirical Analysis Using Department of Defense Contracts with Small Manufacturing Firms” (2022). Advisor(s): Benjamin D Armstrong.
  • Teuku Mahfuzh Aufar Kari; “The Causal Impact of Information Crowd-sourcing Platform on Agricultural Supply Chain” (2022). Advisor(s): Joann F De Zegher.
  • Boyu Liu; “Improving Labor Market to Reduce Labor Abuse in South East Asia” (2022). Advisor(s): Joann F De Zegher.
  • Helen Landwehr; “Analyzing the Usability of Natural Language Processing for Detecting Disinformation Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures” (2022). Advisor(s): Kenneth A Oye.
  • Jacqueline Paige Lee; “Examining the Post-Pandemic Role of Shared Micromobility: A Study of Travel Behavior, Policy, and Equity in Motion” (2022). Advisor(s): Jinhua Zhao.
  • Tony L Lee; “Implications of Heating Electrification on Distribution Networks and Distributed Energy Resources” (2022). Advisor(s): Pablo Duenas Martinez.
  • Jameson Randall McBride; “Clean Heat at What Cost? Economic Optimization of Space Heating in Massachusetts” (2022). Advisor(s): Pablo Duenas Martinez.
  • Molly Katherine McGuigan; “Simulating PPE Use in Acute Care Hospitals” (2022). Advisor(s): Jarrod Goentzel.
  • Patrick Stephen Meredith-Karam; “Exogenous Drivers of Public Transit and Ride-Hailing Ridership: a Study of Policy Intervention, COVID-19, and the Relationship between Ride-Hailing and Public Transit in Chicago” (2022). Advisor(s): Jinhua Zhao.
  • Jack Morris; “Retrofit Solutions to Electric Power Sector Decarbonization in the American Midwest” (2022). Advisor(s): Christopher Knittel.
  • Saba Kaboly Nejad; “Data-Driven Analysis of Time of Day Pricing for Residential Consumers” (2022). Advisor(s): Munther A Dahleh.
  • Jonathan Garrett Novak; “Policy and Design Courses of Action to Improve Resilience of Proliferated Low Earth Orbit Constellations Against Adverse Solar Weather” (2022). Advisor(s): Daniel E Hastings.
  • Olivia Peihua Pfeiffer; “Machine Learning for Strength Prediction and Optimal Design of Sustainable Concrete Formulas” (2022). Advisor(s): Elsa A Olivetti.
  • Paul Dawson Picciano; “Beyond Health Co-Benefits: Air Quality-Related Equity Implications of US Decarbonization Policy” (2022). Advisor(s): Noelle Selin.
  • Aaron Matthew Schwartz; “The Role of Natural Gas in Future Low-Carbon Energy Systems” (2022). Advisor(s): Dharik S Mallapragada.
  • Elwyn Sirieys; “Environmental Impact of Space Launches and Societal Response” (2022). Advisor(s): Olivier de Weck.
  • Maya Elizabeth Slavin; “Incentivizing Collaboration on Space Sustainability: Detectability, Identifiability, and Trackability of Space Missions” (2022). Advisor(s): Danielle R Wood.
  • Rebecca Lauren Spiewak; “Overlooking the Little Guy: An Analysis of Cyber Incidents and Individual Harms” (2022). Advisor(s): Daniel J Weitzner.
  • Ragini Sreenath; “Transitioning Transit: Modeling the Electrification of an Intracity System” (2022). Advisor(s): Emre Gencer.
  • Cathy Xun Wang; “Ensuring Reliability in a Highly Decarbonized Power System: A Next-Generation Modeling Tools” (2022). Advisor(s): Paul L Joskow.

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