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TPP student research spans many domains, but shares methodologies and goals. Examples of award-winning theses and noteworthy research projects are shared here. We also maintain a public database of all TPP thesis titles, with links to web publications where available.

Award-Winning Theses and Student Research Stories

A Clean Energy Future for India: Arun Singh

Awarded best TPP thesis of 2017, Arun Singh’s research analyzed climate policy options for India by building and applying a model of the Indian economy with detailed representation of the electricity sector. His thesis advisor was Prof. Valerie Karplus.

Health Savings of Renewable Energy: Emil Dimanchev

Research from TPP alum Emil Dimanchev, who won TPP’s best thesis award in 2019, found that health savings from cleaner air would more than pay for the cost of implementing renewable energy policies. His thesis was advised by TPP director Noelle Selin.

Do native ads shape our perception of the news?: Manon Revel

Often masquerading as legitimate news, so-called “native” ads, pushed by content recommendation networks, have brought badly needed revenue to the struggling U.S. news industry. But at what cost? TPP alum Manon Revel is now a PhD student in the IDSS Social and Engineering Systems PhD program. Her TPP thesis advisor was Prof. Ali Jadbabaie.

Thesis Database

Thesis Titles, 1977 to Present

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  • Jesse Baskir; “Promoting the Development of Alternative Waste Disposal Technologies under the Massachusetts Superfund Law;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Margot Brereton; “A Logic Based Approach to Factory Design;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • James Byrd; “Applications of Price-Responding Algorithims for Residential Demand Management Systems;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Douglas Comstock; “Enhancing the Orbital Utilization of Expendable Launch Vehicles;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Antonio Conejo; “Modeling and Application of Optimal Storage Reservoir Utilizationin Probabilistic Production Costing Models with Multiple Storage Units;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Olivier de Botton; “An Economic and Engineering Assessment of Plasma-Sprayed Ceramic Coatings;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Benoit de Vitry; “Evaluation of Increased Productivity to an American Production Line: Application of Japanese Total Quality Control Policies;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Keith Dionne; “Providing Third Party Reimbursement for an Artificial Pancreas in the US Health Care System;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Henry Elkington; “An analysis of Residential Demand for Broadband Telecommunications Services;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Stephen Filippone; “The Principles of Design Applied to Engineering and Policy;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Jean-Louis Grevet; “Decision -Aiding and Coordination in Decision-Making Organizations;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Jason Johnston; “An Evaluation of the NSF Engineering Research Center Program;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Maher Kallel; “Standards for Data Exchange in an Integrated Environment: A Methodological Approach;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Hauke Kite-Powell; “Indications of the Change in Demand for Traditional Materials due to the Materials Revolution;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Louisa Koch; “The Role of Defense Spending in the Development of the US Electronics Industry;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Alain Levy; “Implementation of Coal Slurry Pipeline Technology: A Policy Issue;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Kiran Magiawala; “The B1 Bomber: A Program History;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Sylvia Marin-von Koller; “Electricity Demand-Side Management in Developing Countries: The Case of Costa Rica;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Antonio Marra; “Human Operator Performance in Dynamic Multi-task Environments;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Gregg Martin-Major; “Construction: The Foundation of National Defense;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Michael Massimino; “Effects of Force and Visual Feedback on Space Teleoperation: With Policy Implications;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Marina Skumanich; “Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management: A Case Study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Jessica Stern; “The Proposed Chemical Weapons Convention and U.S. National Security: A Policy Assessment;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Simon Stokes; “High Temperature Superconductivity: Federal Policies Towards the Commercialization of a New Technology;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • William Tsai; “A Comparative Study of the Semiconductor Industry of Taiwan and Korea;” SM, 1988 (2/1/1988)
  • Seth Tuler; “Human Behavior in Time-Pressured Distributed Decision Systems;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Terry Turnipseed; “Public Utility Commission Structure;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Scott Vance; “The Ramifications of Delay in the National High-Level Waste Repository Program;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)
  • Carolyn Wong; “Spatial Logistics Management: Analysis of Potential Applications;” SM, 1988 (9/1/1987)
  • Madeline Woodruff; “Information Policy and Radiation Reporting During the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island Nuclear Accidents;” SM, 1988 (5/1/1988)

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