MIT Technology and Policy Program

TPP addresses societal challenges through research and education at the intersection of technology and policy. Our goal is to mobilize science and engineering to inform intelligent, responsible strategies and policies to benefit communities from local to global.

The Hill | February 27, 2024

US energy transition policy is leaving vulnerable workers behind

TPP alum Kailin Graham states that if we’re serious about achieving a truly just transition, far more federal policy action is needed.
Slice of MIT | February 20, 2024

“Tech Titan” Aims to Serve

In an interview with Slice of MIT, Sudhakar Kesavan SM ’84 credits TPP for helping him bridge the gaps between engineers and policymakers and giving him the tools to use his engineering degree for the greatest good.
MIT CEEPR | February 16, 2024

Designing Distribution Network Tariffs… Can the US learn something from Europe?

TPP student Graham Turk’s research shows how electricity rate design is not a zero-sum game. Smart electricity rates can reduce the need for costly grid upgrades while encouraging electrification and protecting households who can't yet afford a heat pump or electric car.

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