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TPP addresses societal challenges through research and education at the intersection of technology and policy. Our goal is to mobilize science and engineering to inform intelligent, responsible strategies and policies to benefit communities from local to global.

The Boston Globe | May 17, 2022

More energy storage is needed to support wind and solar power, MIT study finds

The authors of the report estimated that the costs of transforming power grids in the Northeast, Southeast, and Texas will range between 21 percent and 36 percent higher than if nothing was done to promote storage-backed renewable energy. TPP alumni Drake Hernandez '21 and Cathy Wang '21 contributed to the The Future of Energy Storage: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study.
MIT News | May 13, 2022

MIT Climate “Plug-In” highlights first year of progress on MIT’s climate plan

TPP Director Noelle Selin hopes that initial progress will highlight the worldwide effort to address the climate challenge. TPP Student Joy Jackson is optimistic that there are many avenues for research to make its way into policy.
MIT News Office | April 27, 2022

What choices does the world need to make to keep global warming below 2 C?

Using a unique modeling strategy, MIT Joint Program researchers including Dr. Jennifer Morris TPP '09 find several possible patterns of energy and technology development under a specified long-term climate target or economic outcome.

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