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TPP Spring 2020 Research Seminar

Student Research Seminar- Spring 2020

At each TPP Research seminar, students give 12 minute presentations of their technical and policy work, each followed by a Q&A with their peers and MIT researchers.

All TPP Research Seminars are virtual

Monday, March 16, 3:30PM

  • Tomas Green: Distributed Effects of Climate Policy on US Households
  • Nic Rothbacher: Fare Evasion Enforcement in New York City: Predictive Policing in a Racially Biased Context
  • Karan Bhuwalka: Can metals supply keep up with electric vehicle demand?

Wednesday, March 18, 3:30PM

  • Sohum Pawar: Building a decarbonized U.S. electric system in the face of climate impacts: lessons from a decade of extreme weather
  • Saeyoung Rho: Time Series Prediction Error Lower Bound

Wednesday, April 1, 3:30PM

  • Gabe Bann: Rethinking Federal Disaster Aid Policy in the Context of Social Vulnerability
  • Hannah Whisnant: Split Learning on FPGAs

Tuesday, April 14, 3:30PM

  • Maryam Shahid: Identity and Trust Frameworks: Design and Analysis of identity transactions online
  • Andrew Mowry: The Challenges of Deploying EV Fast Charging Infrastructure

Tuesday, April 21, 3:30PM

  • Dylan Muramoto: Incorporating Lessons from Safety/Security-Critical Software Projects Into the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Software Acquisitions Process
  • Charlie Chimento: Innovative DoD R&D Grants for Small Businesses

Tuesday, April 28, 3:30PM

  • Frank Ryan: Retraining and upskilling white-collar workers: A case study
  • Sophia Wu: Effect of Intermittent Water Supply on Drinking Water Quality

Tuesday, May 5, 3:30PM

  • Wade Provaznik: Mitigating Foreign Social Media Influence Campaigns in US Elections
  • Anna Evans: A framework for valuing flexibility in electricity network investments

Wednesday, May 6, 3:30PM

  • Andres Inzunza: Distributional effects of the adoption of solar PV and behind-the-meter batteries in Chicago
  • Jean-Baptiste Seby: Trek Separation in Linear Structural Equation Models

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