MIT Technology and Policy Program

Educational Programs

The Master’s Program in Technology and Policy (TPP) represents MIT’s commitment to fostering the wise use of innovations in engineering and science. The curriculum of the Program is designed to develop a cadre of professionals who, by incorporating skills and knowledge in both technology and policy, would substantially improve the quality of policy development and implementation in technical arenas.

The Technology and Policy Program educates men and women for leadership in important technological issues confronting society. Graduate students prepare to excel in technical fields and to develop and implement effective strategies for dealing with the risks and opportunities relevant to business and government. In addition to providing analytic skills, the Program promotes the capacity to understand conflicting values, to develop constituencies, and to negotiate solutions — in short, to implement policy.

The program promotes team-centered learning among a culturally and internationally diverse group of students. Broadly speaking, the Technology and Policy Program educates people to develop effective strategies for major policy issues from a firm base of technical capability.

The TPP education prepares its graduates not only for professional careers in engineering and policy, but also for PhD work. Included among the many options for PhD work within MIT is the IDSS PhD in Social and Engineering Systems. Our doctoral alumni have found positions in universities, industry, and government.

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