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Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here, and we hope that they will help you get started on making your decision. For routine administrative questions, please contact Mr. Ed Ballo at (617) 258-7295, To discuss questions about the program or the curriculum, please contact Dr. Frank Field (617) 253-2146, or Barbara DeLaBarre (617) 452-3187,

Q: I’m an incoming student. How do I learn about housing, medical services, research, etc. at MIT?

A: A guide to practical planning for admitted graduate students can be found at It includes information for new graduate students on the following topics: financial planning, housing, medical care, resources for financial assistance, payment of Institute bills, international students, other resources, academic calendar, directory and map of MIT.

Q: I already have taken TPP-related courses. Do I have to take all the courses listed in the program?

A: Typically, such a background means that you will be able to pursue aspects of the program at a more advanced level than we normally require for our degree. Alternatively, you may wish to explore pursing a second degree during your studies with us. In very rare cases, you may receive administrative approval to waive elements of the standard TPP curriculum.

Q: I want to learn more about the Technology & Policy Program. I have read the materials on the WWW, but would like more focused information. How can I do that?

A: Should you wish to visit MIT before making your decision, please contact Mr. Ed Ballo at (617) 258-7295 or He will be happy to help you make your visit as useful as possible. We encourage you to visit our Open House for prospective students held each Fall. We also schedule an Open House in the spring for admitted applicants.

Q: I asked to be considered for financial aid. When will I hear whether support will be available?

A: Applicants are encouraged to explore the opportunities for funded research positions with programs here at MIT – not only as a source of funding, but also as an intellectual platform upon which your thesis research can be built. TPP does administer a limited set of resources that may be awarded by the Financial Aid Committee; moreover, qualified applicants have been nominated for the several MIT-awarded fellowships that are available. Notification of most of these awards will be made in late March.

The TPP group sessions that are part of the Spring Open House are a very useful way to discover what funding avenues are available, as is the above-cited website for incoming students. Several of the current TPP students have offered to share their experiences and answer your questions about the program. If you would like to communicate with our students, please contact Mr. Ed Ballo ( Please also check the Open House page for updated information.

Q: When should I inform TPP and MIT of my intention to accept or decline the admission offer?

A: Please let us know your intention before April 15. You need to download the reply form and send it to the MIT Graduate Admissions Office before April 15. If you need additional time, please contact us.

Q: I’m an international student what forms will I need to fill out for my visa?

A: Foreign nationals must indicate their funding source(s) for the first 12 months of study at MIT. Please complete and return the Financial Certification Form, which can be found in the planning guide at

Q: When should I plan to arrive at MIT in the Fall?

A: All entrants to TPP are expected to attend the program orientation, scheduled during the week preceding MIT Registration for the fall term. Please note that a review of economics for incoming students will also be conducted during the week preceding orientation. Check back for exact dates early in the summer.

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