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The TPP vision is oriented around a set of core values and purpose with a bold stretch goal. The core values in the TPP program are represented in the combination of leadership through the highest quality education, objective analysis, and integrity and excellence as the hallmark of the education and people. The core purpose is to help societies and companies identify and implement appropriate technological solutions that enhance human dignity and support justice. The goal is to make the program the most prestigious and sought after in the world and to produce the technological decision makers for the world. The stretch goal of the program is:

Educate the leaders (researchers & practitioners) of the fields of Technology & Policy studies and show our leadership by being at the leading edge of every new techno/policy issue.

Thus TPP seeks to produce societal leaders who are:

  1. skilled intellectually at dealing with the many crucial technological dimensions of our society,
  2. have the practical results orientation that is characteristic of engineering professionals,
  3. have the courage based on early experience to take on the most difficult systems problems, and
  4. have the leadership skills to bring others forward as they themselves move along.

These would be “leaders who are engineers” rather “engineering leaders.”

Educational Mission

As a major educational and research program hosted by IDSS, the mission of TPP is:

Educate engineers and scientists in responsible leadership of technology development by implementing policies for the benefit of humanity.

The span of issues of concern to the program is global. TPP provides a dual professional excellence oriented around both policy and MIT’s strategic strength in engineering and science analysis and development. The program focuses on providing a high impact, high quality education to the most qualified graduate students who have demonstrated interest and promise in a wide range of technology and policy areas. Effective leadership and communication skills for managing the policy process are central to the program. TPP graduates have the knowledge and flexibility to manage conflicting interests and values at all stages of the policy process.

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