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  • Jagat Adhiya; “Is Ocean Fertilization a Good Carbon Sequestration Option? Examining Scientific Uncertainties and Developing a Framework for Evaluating Outcomes;” SM, 2002 (8/1/2001) (Sallie W. Chisholm, Gordon M. Kaufman)
  • Olubukola Afolayan-Jejeloye; “Risk-Informed Public Safety Policy for Seismic Events in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants;” SM, 2002 (2/1/2002) (George Apostolakis, Michael Golay, R. Lester)
  • Chizuru Aoki; “Technological Change for Environmental Improvement: the Case of the Mexican Automobile Sector;” PhD, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Carlos Barrientos; “Westinghouse: the rise and fall of a dominant design in the electric power industry;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (John S. Carroll)
  • Stephane Bassene; “Potential for Reducing Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the US Light Duty Vehicle Fleet;” SM, 2002 (9/1/2001) (John B. Heywood)
  • Salim Bouzekouk; “Lean Technology Development;” SM, 2002 (9/1/2001) (Deborah S. Nightingale)
  • Xavier Brucker; “Primitive-Based Payment Systems for Flexible Value Transfer in the Personal Router;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Sharon Gillett, John Wroclawski)
  • Eric Cahill; “Interim Steps on the Path to Sustainable Mobility - An Application of System Dynamics Modeling for Crafting Powertrain Product Strategy Strategies for the Introduction of Clean Powertrain Technolog;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Laurianne Curtil; “Urban Air Pollution Climate Policy;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (John M. Reilly)
  • Antony Evans; “Responses to Airport Delays - A System Study of Newark International Airport;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (John-Paul B. Clarke)
  • John Falker, III; “Engineering and Policy Analysis of Strategic and Tactical Options for Futute Aerospace Traffic Management;” PhD, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Pedro Ferreira; “Implications of decreasing bandwidth price on allocating Internet traffic between transit and peering arrangements;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (David D. Clark)
  • Sebastian Fixson; “Linking Modularity and Cost: A Methodology to Assess Cost Implications of Product Architecture Differences to Support Product Design;” PhD, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Wolfgang Gatterbauer; “Interdependencies of electricity market characteristics and bidding strategies of power producers;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Marija D. Ilic)
  • Ralph Hall; “Introducing the Concept of Sustainable Transportation to the U.S. DOT through the Reauthorization of TEA-21;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Joseph M. Sussman)
  • Robert Hardy; “Development, Testing and Privacy Implications of Integrated, Adaptive Virtual Customer Market Research Tools;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Ely Dahan)
  • Li Jiang; “Cross Border Software Development and the Policy Implication for China;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Janice A. Klein+E345)
  • Aaron Kirtley; “Fostering Innovation Across Aerospace Supplier Networks;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Thomas Lee; “Principles of Attribution for Data Integration: Technology and Policy Perspectives;” PhD, 2002 (2/1/2002)
  • Yong Li; “The Economic Effects of Surface Transport Deregulation;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Yossi Sheffi)
  • Vladimir Manuel; “Consequences of the Genomic Revolution for the Regulation of the Internet;” SM, 2002 (2/1/2002) (Joel P. Clark)
  • Christine McDonald; “Modeling the U.S. Electric Energy Social-Political Envirionment: A Global Warming-Nuclear Power-Policymaking Construct;” SM, 2002 (9/1/2001) (Kent F. Hansen, David H. Marks)
  • Maria Fuencisla Merino Artalejo; “Market Impact of Software Radio: Benefits and Barriers;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Sharon Gillett, William Lehr)
  • Simon Mui; “Design and evaluation of innovation-oriented environmental regulation for alternatively-powered vehicles;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Nicholas A. Ashford, Donald R. Sadoway)
  • Christopher Musso; “Design and Manufacture of Continuous Strand Metal Matrix Composites;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Thomas W. Eagar)
  • Shushian Colin Ong; “Cross-border Equity Exchange Mergers: Quantifiable Effects and Policy Implications;” SM, 2002 (2/1/2002) (Jiang Wang)
  • Nobuyuki Ozaki; “A comparative analysis of the US and Japanese online travel industry;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Erik Brynjolfsson)
  • David Pearah; “The Voice Web: A Technology, Business, and Policy Analysis of the Speech-Driven Mobile Internet;” SM, 2002 (2/1/2002) (Lee McKnight)
  • Natalia Ramirez; “Valuing Flexibility in Infrastructure Developments: The Bogota Water Supply Expansion Plan;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Richard de Neufville)
  • Mimi Takayanagi; “Urban Transportation Policies Toward Sustainability of Mega-Cities;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Fred Moavenzadeh)
  • Patrick Teung; “Examination of the Bio-Manufacturing Opportunities within the Biopharmaceutical Industry: A Comparative Case Study of the Leading Manufacturing Technologies;” SM, 2002 (2/1/2002) (Anthony J. Sinskey)
  • Emy Tseng; “Unbundling Fiber to the Home: A Technology and Policy Assessment;” SM, 2002 (9/1/2001) (Sharon Gillett)
  • Nico Voigtlaender; “A Dynamic Input-Output Model to Project U.S. Freight Transportation Demand;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Andreas Schafer, Karen R. Polenske)
  • Hungjen Wang; “Routing Policy on Robustness in WDM Optical Networks;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Muriel Medard, Eytan Modiano, Marija Ilic)
  • Sheng-Fei Wang; “Extended Producer Responsibility: Its Principal and Application on the Computer Take-Back;” SM, 2002 (9/1/2001) (Dara O'Rourke)
  • Annalisa Weigel; “Bringing Policy into Space Systems Conceptual Design: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods;” PhD, 2002 (6/1/2002)
  • Yugao Xu; “Participation of Developing Countries in Global Climate Regime;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (John M. Reilly)
  • Hongwei Zhu; “A Technology and Policy Analysis for Global E-Business;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (Stuart E. Madnick)
  • Miriam Zuk; “Evaluating the Benefits of Reducing Uncertainty in Air Quality Management - The Case of Mexico City;” SM, 2002 (6/1/2002) (John Evans, Mario Molina)

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